1. In the Ad Group creation tab, click on "New" next to Creative Bundle

2. There are 2 ways of adding creative: You can add either Standard (Physical banner) or 3rd Party Ad Tags (Code snippets from external ad servers) as campaign creatives

3. Select Advertiser

4. Set Creative Bundle Title

5. Set Target URL - Destination URL - where clicking on the banner will lead to - the landing page URL

Upload Standard Banners

There are several ways of adding your ad creatives to your campaign.

Drag n' Drop: Just drag the ad creative to the white field marked with "Drag Your Files Here" or click on "Browse" to upload

Upload: Click on "Select" to choose the file on your hard drive for upload

Add 3rd Party Ad Tags

3rd Party Ad Tags (Redirect): A 3rd party ad tag is a code snippet you receive from the ad server that can be inserted into Mundo so the advertiser (3rd party) can see statistics and performance in the 3rd party ad monitoring system.

6. Select Advertiser

7. Set Creative Bundle Title

8. Set Target URL - Destination URL - where clicking on the banner will lead to - the landing page URL

9. Paste the code snippet

10. Specify the width and height of the ad

Please observe that secure pages (https:) will enable your campaign to be shown on more pages so make sure your 3rd party tag is SSL-enabled.

11. Press Save

Now go to the Submit Tab and submit the campaign for Mundo admin approval

Once this is done, Mundo will review your ads and make sure everything is correct and it will be sent for approval with our Partner websites and Publishers.

Approval usually takes 12-24 hours but often faster than that.

In the rare event that anything needs added or changed, Mundo support will get in touch and the platform will send out an email requesting more info.